Digging Into the zIIP: What Does zIIP Eligible Mean?

In the first article in this series on mainframe specialty processors, the zIIP is an “information” processor, where the IIP in its name stands for Integrated Information Processor. When the zIIP was introduced by IBM in 2006, DB2 Version 8 was the first subsystem to take advantage of the zIIP. Over the course of the […]

A Modernization Dilemma: Cloud Application – or an Application in the Cloud – Now Available on YouTube

We’re moving to the cloud. That simple declaration has launched a thousand modernization projects. Mission-critical mainframe COBOL applications be damned! We’re moving to the cloud. It’s a reaction to peer and societal pressures for some IT leaders. For others, it’s the modern-day “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” cliché. Or it could be just […]