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MicroFocus® Modernization

“How did I end up with a Legacy COBOL application on a modern platform?” Several CloudFrame customers were able to achieve immediate business results and accelerated their long-term strategy by removing COBOL. Its lack of innovation was inhibiting their business. Some among these customers had previously exited the mainframe using MicroFocus® COBOL, NetCobol®, & COBOL-IT®.  The […]

CloudFrame Wins the 2021 Digital Innovator Award from Intellyx

By Jason EnglishNews |  May 24, 2021 SUFFOLK, VA — June 2, 2021: Intellyx, the first and only analyst firm dedicated to digital transformation, today announced that CloudFrame has joined the inaugural class of their 2021 Digital Innovator Award. As an industry analyst firm that focuses on enterprise digital transformation and the disruptive vendors that support it, Intellyx interacts with […]

Turn IBM COBOL 4.2 EOS into +ROI

Pursue a Strategic Investment that Drives a Return On Investment

EEI and CloudFrame Partnership Announcement

Enterprise Engineering, Inc. and CloudFrame Inc. announce partnership to automate Mainframe COBOL to Cloud migrations NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (EEI), an industry leader and trusted advisor to the financial services industry, today announced a new joint marketing venture with CloudFrame, a premiere global mainframe modernization software products company. The partnership solidifies EEI’s unique […]

Navigating IBM COBOL 4.2 End of Support Waters: Chart a course to benefit your business

Navigating IBM COBOL 4.2 End of Support Waters: Chart a course to benefit your business Surprisingly, COBOL has been in the news a lot recently, due to its significant usage in many federal govern-ment and state systems, most recently with unemployment systems, being in the news. With the global COVID-19 pandemic, those unemployment systems were […]

Reduce Mainframe Costs with CloudFrame

Consider Cross-Compiling COBOL to Java to Reduce Costs by Craig Mullins Most organizations that rely on the mainframe for their mission-critical workload have a considerable amount of COBOL programs. COBOL was one of the first business-oriented programming languages having been first introduced in 1959. Designed for business and available when the IBM 360 became popular, […]

Stop the COBOL Brain Drain

Stop the COBOL Brain Drain Before they Reach the Exit Door I came across an article written in March of 2012 by Robert L. Mitchell, in ComputerWorld called, “Brain drain: Where Cobol systems go from here,” where there is a lengthy discussion dealing with the risk of an aging COBOL workforce and their march towards […]

Venkat Presents at SHAREftw

Tuning Java on z/OS for High Performance Presentation by CloudFrame Inc. CEO and Founder, Venkat Pillay, at SHARE Fort Worth Conference February 26th, 2020. This presentation provides a comprehensive perspective into IBM’s z/OS JVM and what can be done to improve performance.

Progressive Legacy Modernization; Chapter 1 Mainframe

Progressive Legacy Modernization; Chapter 1 Mainframe Great article published October 18th by Gregory Saxton on his LinkedIn Blog.

Think Progressively about Mainframe Modernization

Think Progressively about Mainframe Modernization The road to mainframe modernization is paved with many failed and over-budget projects. It’s risky business for any organization. There are many tools on the market that promise modernization but don’t deliver modern code that is a good foundation for future development. These solutions fall short in many areas: Poor […]

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