The recording of the Removing The Top 5 COBOL to Cloud Transformation Obstacles webinar is now available on our YouTube Channel.

In this CloudFrame webinar, Gregory Saxton identifies COBOL modernization myths that many IT organizations regard as true.

I’m sure you’ve heard these…

    • We have to replace the entire system to be successful.
    • Modernization is a considerable expense and will take too long.
    • You can’t successfully convert COBOL code to Java – you’ll only get JOBOL.

Unfortunately, when COBOL modernization myths are believed, bad decisions follow. Modernization efforts are delayed, and technical debt is accumulated. Digital transformation initiatives must take on added cost and complexity to replicate and synchronize COBOL application data and processes.

In this CloudFrame webinar, we bust a few modernization myths: 

  • A total rewrite is the only successful path.
  • The system must be replaced all at once.
  • Modernization projects take years to complete.
  • Funding will always be an issue for modernization projects.
  • The application performance will suffer if it’s not running on the mainframe.
  • We’ll never get the same results off of the mainframe.

At the end of this 30-minute webinar, you’ll leave with these three key takeaways;

  1. How others are proving these myths to be false.
  2. Why modernization is a journey – not an event.
  3. How automation contributes to modernization success

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