CloudFrame’s intelligent COBOL transformation software accelerates the migration of COBOL applications to cloud-ready native technologies.

CloudFrame, the fast-growing COBOL to Java transformation software company, today announces its partnership with EPAM Systems, Inc.,  a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company, to provide enterprises and government agencies that rely on COBOL applications with an automated, end-to-end, modernization journey.

EPAM’s Mainframe Modernization team will utilize CloudFrame products to accelerate the movement of mainframe workloads to the cloud by leveraging application transformation and migration strategies that can incorporate the benefits provided by using the CloudFrame transformation software.

“Partnering with EPAM ensures our customers have the leading modernization and transformation engineers working to solve their toughest modernization challenges,” said Venkat Pillay, founder and CEO of CloudFrame. “The combination of EPAM expertise and CloudFrame’s intelligent and automated COBOL transformation products Renovate and Relocate will accelerate results while reducing modernization costs and risks.” 

Initial projects to move mainframe workloads to the cloud and transform COBOL to Java in the wealth management and travel industries have validated to customers the benefit of the CloudFrame and EPAM partnership.  Customers are realizing results such as reduced costs, shortened project durations, and minimal modernization project risk.

“Together, we are empowering our customers with automated, incremental and cost-effective pathways to transform their vital applications into fully supportable, cloud-native Java environments,” said Deric Lubin, Chief Technologist, Platform Modernization at EPAM.  “This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to helping organizations embark on their cloud transformation journey while minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency. We are excited about the endless possibilities this collaboration brings and look forward to delivering unparalleled value to our customers.”

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