COBOL to Maintainable Java: Innovations that Expand What’s Possible Now Available on YouTube

Organizations that depend on mission-critical COBOL applications want the business value of the application without the risk, cost, and constraints of COBOL. They want to modernize these applications to leverage the advantages of cloud infrastructure and ease of innovation. 

Until now, they had few options for these valuable COBOL applications.

• Do nothing and cope with rising risks and costs.

• Greenfield rewrites that are expensive and prone to failure.

• Code conversions that involve massive remediation, technical debt, and unmanageable application source code.

CloudFrame is pushing the envelope to bring new possibilities for COBOL to Java transformations.  Using intelligent automated transformation, CloudFrame delivers cloud-ready Java applications that remove many of the frustrations and limitations that exist in brute force and line-for-line code conversion solutions.

This 45-minute webinar introduces you to innovations that make maintainable Java from COBOL a reality. The webinar includes:

• COBOL to Java Challenges

• Why COBOL application modernization projects fail

• The critical decision concerning functional equivalency and maintainability

• CloudFrame’s groundbreaking innovations that deliver maintainable Java

• How to leverage CloudFrame to accelerate your COBOL to Java transformations

Watch as CloudFrame CEO, Venkat Pillay, conducts this informative webinar.

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