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How did I end up with a Legacy COBOL application on a modern platform?”

Several CloudFrame customers were able to achieve immediate business results and accelerated their long-term strategy by removing COBOL. Its lack of innovation was inhibiting their business. Some among these customers had previously exited the mainframe using MicroFocus® COBOL, NetCobol®, & COBOL-IT®.  The early benefits these solutions provided have faded along with the value of being off the mainframe. Customers have stated and industry analysts predicted ‘the enterprise value add of Replatforming is negligible’. A leading expert said it well, “it is modernization without the modern.”

COBOL is an ecosystem starved for innovation. Contrast the lack of change to COBOL with the rate of innovation in Java since the mid-’90s and you have two very different outcomes. For the past 30+ years, the Achilles heel of these COBOL applications has been and continues to be COBOL itself. In comparison, modern languages like Java have increased the velocity of change and innovation and led the charge in technologies like digital transformation, mobile apps, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. 

It’s Time to Revisit Past Decisions

Companies today are searching for alternatives. Decisions in the past to replatform applications to MicroFocus®, NetCOBOL®, etc., are rising to the top of remediation priority lists because:

  • License costs are rising significantly,
  • No exit strategy means continued multi-year vendor lock-in and significant long-term investment,
  • Staffing issues related to COBOL and other required specialty skilled resources,
  • Regulations and business strategies favor Cloud-native application models,
  • COBOL vendors aren’t driving meaningful innovation in the marketplace.

Make a Change for the Better!

Whether your application uses IBM®  Mainframe COBOL or Microfocus®  COBOL, keeping things as-is will not help your business thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. Modernizing your application to Java is essential to give your business a competitive edge. Let CloudFrame transforms your IBM®  or MicroFocus®  COBOL to a modern business application so you can:

  • Deliver Application changes faster and be more responsive to business and market demands,
  • Leverage a larger pool of Java developers and more efficient DevOps practices,
  • Future-Proof your business asset as a modern, maintainable, Cloud-native application,
  • Immediately reduce your total cost of ownership and vendor dependency.

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