COBOL to Java

A Fresh Approach

We are modern software developers. We know COBOL,
but we also have to know the environments where we
provision transformed application assets. That includes
JVMs, AWS, Azure, GCP, and hybrids.

We didn’t develop our products in the last century to address Y2K.

We’ve developed our products in the cloud era. Development speed, automation, transparency, precision, and code quality are the values that set us apart from other modernization products.

Modernize COBOL applications using “modern” software products.

Save Millions

Move Your COBOL Compute
To A Lower Cost Platform

CloudFrame Relocate

The modernization tool for organizations wanting to lower the cost of COBOL application processing workloads. The product allows you to execute your workloads as Java on zIIP or in cloud containers.

Modernize COBOL applications with no changes to existing data and processes.

We guarantee to demonstrate 100% equivalent results in less than 90 days.

CloudFrame Relocate is the fastest, least risky approach to reducing or avoiding existing and future mainframe costs.

We recommend CloudFrame Relocate as the first step of your Incremental Modernization Journey

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Transform COBOL into
Cloud-Native Applications

CloudFrame Renovate

Intellectual property-oriented business logic and mission-critical processes don’t have to be forever trapped in COBOL applications. Cure your COBOL issues with a fully automated and configurable transformation engine built for cloud deployment.

CloudFrame Renovate consumes your COBOL applications, transforms the application into java assets, and provisions a new application into your cloud environment (AWS, Azure, or GCP).

The result of the CloudFrame Renovate modernization process is a well-architected application with high-quality java code ready to be introduced into your existing DevOps processes.

Without vendor locking and restrictions.

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CloudFrame Renovate
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