Shifting COBOL Compute Workload: GFT and CloudFrame Partner to Reduce Mainframe Costs


Organizations that rely on mainframe COBOL applications for mission-critical internal and customer-facing applications are facing significant challenges. The IT professionals needed to maintain these applications are getting harder to find and more expensive to hire. Additionally, the execution cost of delivering long-standing results is increasing yearly. Historical increases for MLC have been around 5% per year, but in 2023, increases are reported to be 8% and, in some cases, as high as 15%.

Cost relief and avoidance are a high priority for application owners, mainframe IT leaders, and CIOs.

The nature of these mission-critical applications demand cost-reduction solutions that do not disrupt current processes, will not compromise the precision and quality of results, nor interfere with upstream and downstream integrations. Cost-focused organizations want the best of both worlds: Don’t change anything – except for the cost!

GFT and CloudFrame have partnered to deliver solutions that fit the needs of mainframe organizations that want cost reduction without the risk, disruption, long and drawn-out projects, or high price tags. Using CloudFrame technology and GFT know-how, the partnership can demonstrate your potential cost savings in weeks – not months or years.

This 45-minute webinar will present real-life shift COBOL compute projects the GFT and CloudFrame teams have delivered. The webinar will include the following:

• Summaries of projects that have delivered substantial cost savings.
• A description of the types of applications that are right for the shifting compute approach.
• The success criteria used by GFT and CloudFrame to measure and analyze shift compute project success.
• Critical mistakes that should be avoided when shifting COBOL compute.
• How to estimate your potential cost savings.

Register today to join GFT and CloudFrame for this critical review of cost-saving measures that can be deployed quickly and with little risk in your environment.

Presenters include:


• Alpesh Tailor, Head Banking and Cloud

• Antonio Agramunt, Global POD Modernization Leader


• Pedro Becquer, VP of Sales

• Jorge Morlett, Field Sales Director

Date: June 28th, 2023
Time: 9:00 Eastern

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