The Value of Incremental Modernization for COBOL Applications Portfolios

The concerns facing businesses regarding COBOL modernization are issues that have been created over five decades. This is more than enough time for inherent and potentially unseen variables to develop, and those issues shouldn’t be so quickly dismissed. Yet, there is a perception that a complete and total replacement is a single-step process! Reduced Risk […]

Common zIIP Usage Mistakes and How to Identify Them

Many organizations using the IBM System z have begun to use zIIP processors to help reduce the overall cost of their mainframe environment. But… Assuming Everything Will Run on the zIIP One of the biggest mistakes you can make is assuming that everything that is eligible to run on the zIIP will actually run on […]

Digging Into the zIIP: What Does zIIP Eligible Mean?

In the first article in this series on mainframe specialty processors, the zIIP is an “information” processor, where the IIP in its name stands for Integrated Information Processor. When the zIIP was introduced by IBM in 2006, DB2 Version 8 was the first subsystem to take advantage of the zIIP. Over the course of the […]

How to Build a COBOL Modernization Factory

Modernization of legacy systems can be an essential enabler of any digital transformation effort – or a frustrating roadblock impeding all meaningful progress with digital efforts. For enterprises with hundreds or even thousands of mainframe-based COBOL applications, the modernization challenge can seem insurmountable. Such applications have accumulated over the years, the result of generations of […]

Understanding Mainframe Specialty Processors: zIIPS and more

If you are an IT professional who works on IBM z Series mainframes, then you’ve probably heard about zIIPs and other “specialty processors.” But you may not really know what they are, what they do, and why they exist. With that in mind, let’s take a brief journey into the world of specialty processors. Starting […]

Why Incremental Modernization Reduces Risk and Increases Success

The coronavirus pandemic heightened the value and importance of digital adoption. As a consequence businesses have been accelerating their digital transformation plans by three to seven years. This includes mainframe modernization plans. While the breadth and depth of transformation are unique to each organization, components of transformation: processes, alignment of business and IT resources, responsiveness […]