Venkat Pillay

Founder and CEO CloudFrame

I am a True Technology Visionary, Serial Entrepreneur, Strategist, Deep Generalist and Architect with over 25+ years of experience with Passion for Innovation. Areas of strong expertise ranges from Legacy to Emerging Technology and Company building.

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About Me

I am a True Technology Visionary, Serial Entrepreneur, Strategist, Deep Generalist and Architect with over 25+ years of experience with Passion for Innovation. Areas of strong expertise ranges from Legacy to Emerging Technology and Company building.

Summary Of Qualifications

– Strong passion for technology and innovation with deep hands on experience ranges from Legacy Mainframe to Emerging Technology.
– Currently running a startup company.
– Successfully developed and commercialized an in-house product used in various fortune 500 companies. I have designed and developed a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) product (SOLA) to solve the need for large enterprises.
– Deep Generalist with wide ranging Expertise on Enterprise Architecture,IT Strategy and Planning, IT Security, SOA , Cloud computing and hands on programming experience ranging from Mobile – Android-Java/Objectiv-C/HTML5-Object Oriented Javascript/Big Data+Machine Learning to Mainframe Application and Systems Programming.

Patent Filed and Pending:

– Regulated Mobile Texting Solution
– Branch of the Future
– Access to applications in Mobile Store
– Electronic Book-Shelf
– Publishing Legacy Webservices

Positions Held: CEO, Senior Strategist & Architect, Program manager, DBA, System analyst, Mainframe Systems programmer , Application programmer.


Founder and President

Company Name  CloudFrame

Dates Employed May 2015 – Present

Employment Duration6 yrs 5 mos

Location404 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10018

Large Mainframe installations either LOVE mainframe or can’t WAIT to get out of the mainframe. CloudFrame™ helps both.
For those who can’t wait to get out – CloudFrame™ provides unique modernization approach. Additionally, it enables Cloud Native conversion and provides ultra low-risk and easy portability as a container.
For those who love mainframe – CloudFrame™ provides modernization and cost savings without taking a risk or sacrificing performance. Hence extends the life of the mainframe.

President and Co-founder

Company Name  Disha Trends

Dates EmployedApr 2014 – Apr 2015

Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo

LocationRobbinsville NJ

Responsible for Innovative Mobile Development Product — Adler.


Company Name  Merrill Lynch

Dates EmployedApr 2010 – Mar 2014

Employment Duration4 yrs

Strategic Integration Architect

– Mobile Strategy and Architecture
– Social Strategy and Architecture
– Legacy Modernization


Company Name    SOA Software

Dates EmployedOct 2005 – Mar 2010

Employment Duration4 yrs 6 mos

• Managed SOLA (formerly X4ML—XML 4 Merrill Lynch) product that has a footprint on the mainframe and a J2EE Server. The tooling is accessed via browser using web 2.0 and Ajax based framework.
• Converted and packaged X4ML (developed in an earlier assignment) as a commercial product. X4ML was later named SOLA when it was acquired by SOA Software.
• Designed SOLA to make it the leading product in the industry.
• Managed all the aspects of SOLA development and enhancements.
• Developed the customer support strategy.
• Key player in the sales and marketing efforts.
• Achieved a 30%+ growth rate.
• Major clients include Merrill Lynch (now Bank of America), Bear Stearns (now JP Morgan Chase), Thomson Reuters, Principal Financial Group, Ingram Micro and Credit Suisse First Boston.
• Supervised, trained and mentored a staff of seven.

Vice President, Infrastructure

Company Name     Merrill Lynch

Dates EmployedFeb 1999 – Oct 2005

Employment Duration6 yrs 9 mos

• Designed, developed and managed an industry-leading product, X4ML, to enable legacy applications as web services. The project helped save an estimated $20 million in cost avoidance.
• Recognized in major articles including “Merrill Lynch Brings Mainframe to Web With X4ML”
• Developed the first SOAP stack and UDDI engine on the mainframe.
• Developed the industry’s first Web Services Security stack on the mainframe that is implemented via WS Security Policy.
• Developed the first DOM XML parser on the mainframe, from the ground up.
• Developed J2EE server based IDE and tooling.
• Administered and tuned Merrill Lynch’s largest databases on DB2 on z/OS.
• Developed market data application using TCPIP sockets programming that helped save 2 million dollars for Merrill Lynch by replacing an earlier expensive approach to retrieve the data.
• Helped IBM during release of DB2 V6 by providing their customers a REXX utility to help migrate very old DBRMs.

Senior consultant

Company Name  QSSI

Dates EmployedAug 1997 – Feb 1999

Employment Duration1 yr 7 mos


Senior Systems analyst

Company Name  TCS

Dates EmployedMar 1992 – Aug 1997

Employment Duration5 yrs 6 mos


Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Degree NameM Tech

Field Of StudyThermal and Fluids Engineering

Dates attended or expected graduation – 

Activities and Societies: IIT Alumini

Developed a new and efficient technique to simulate conduction and convection in a three-dimensional model using finite difference computational methodology.Govt. Engg. College, Bilaspur

Govt. Engg. College, Bilaspur

Degree NameBE

Field Of StudyMechanical Engineering

Dates attended or expected graduation – 

Thesis – Convection in superheated steam.