Why modernization is hard? – Series 1

COBOL has its own rules for calculations that are hard to replicate in newer systems. We have seen thousands of different examples where the customer is unable to match mainframe-based calculations in the new system.

Consider a simple calculation in COBOL.

“COMPUTE VAR-1 ROUNDED = ((VAR-2 * VAR-3 ) / 100 ) * (2 / 3 )” Result: -65027221.2646


05 VAR-1 PIC -(8)9.9(4).

05 VAR-2 PIC S9(9)V9(4) COMP-3.     VAR-2 = -987653.1200

05 VAR-3 PIC S9(4)V9(4) COMP-3.     VAR-3 =         9876.1200

Using a calculator

Result: -65027871.5433

Using ChatGPT to convert to Java

Result: VAR-1 (After Compute) = -65027871.5433


The examples above demonstrate the difficulty of matching COBOL calculations with a calculator, handwritten Java or the use of AI. An intimate knowledge of the rules is necessary. Or you could simplify the process by using CloudFrame!

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