“CloudFrame enabled us to over achieve
our mainframe cost reduction targets”
— App Dev Mgr, Fortune 20 Company

CloudFrame customers use our products to free their organizations from COBOL

We’ve developed a reputation as a product provider that can deliver on its promise to positively reduce the mainframe COBOL costs and risks of our customers. Our products are used by fortune 200 customers in the Financial Service. Capital Markets, Banking, Credit Card Network, Energy, and Telecom industries.

Telecom Substantially
reduces MIPS Usage and Saves Millions

A large TeleCom achieved nearly $4M in savings using an
incremental project approach with CloudFrame Relocate,
moving COBOL workloads to both cloud and zIIP eligible JVM.
Backward compatibility with mainframe VSAM, QSAM, DB2
data, JES Job Scheduler, and MQ messaging was maintained.

Case Study

Automated Java Transformation Delivers Quality Code and Accelerates Project Timeline

A card network customer needed to convert a mainframe COBOL Merchant Clearing application to Java. CloudFrame Renovate accelerated time to market 75% by fully automating the refactoring from COBOL to Java Spring Boot services, with no manual post-conversion code changes.

Case Study

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