On Your Terms

Take control and self-direct
your modernization journey

Automated, fast and quality-driven transformation of mainframe COBOL to cloud applications.

Immediate (90 days) impact
to address COBOL cost.

Incremental Modernization

A strategic plan to execute
progressively increasing and
expanding steps to improve.

• You develop your modernization strategy

• You choose your tactics

• You select the products and partners

• You begin small and precise, achieve success, gain momentum

• You fail fast and small, learn and apply your knowledge

• You increase your scope, impact, and complexity

• Success accelerates

With CloudFrame you can address your
modernization challenge on two fronts.

#2 The second is to invest in automated, quality re-architecting COBOL to java.

#1 The first is to immediately reduce
and avoid costs associated with MIPS
and GPP.

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Reduce Your COBOL Compute Costs

Get Immediate Relief to Your
COBOL Costs by Leveraging
Available zIIP and Cloud Processing

From COBOL to Cloud-Native

Transform your COBOL
applications using a configurable
and fully automated tool that
provisions Java assets into your
cloud and hybrid environments
consistently and predictably.

Modernization on Your Terms

Reduce Cost
Consistent and Predictable Transformation
No Vendor Lock-in

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