CloudFrame products help you escape from COBOL to reduce and avoid costs and fully enable digital transformation. We help you gain control of your mainframe to Java journey with products that enable incremental modernization projects and decrease vendor dependency.







Incremental progress allows you to establish a strategic and controlled approach to self-funded modernization


CloudFrame Relocate

CloudFrame Relocate is a  modernization tool for organizations wanting to lower the cost of COBOL application processing workloads.


CloudFrame Renovate

CloudFrame Renovate is the modernization tool that allows organizations to make COBOL business applications more adaptable to modern business needs by transforming them into high-quality Java applications.

We’ve developed a reputation as a product provider that can deliver on its promise to positively reduce the mainframe COBOL costs and risks of our customers.


Relocate Case Study

A large TeleCom achieved nearly $4M in savings using an incremental project approach with CloudFrame Relocate, moving COBOL workloads to both cloud and zIIP eligible JVM. Backward compatibility with mainframe VSAM, QSAM, DB2 data, JES Job Scheduler, and MQ messaging was maintained.

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Renovate Case Study

A card network customer needed to convert a mainframe COBOL Merchant Clearing application to Java. CloudFrame Renovate accelerated time to market 75% by fully automating the refactoring from COBOL to Java Spring Boot services, with no manual post-conversion code changes.

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Our Team

Venkat Pillay, CEO and Founder

Venkat is a serial entrepreneur and a technology visionary, strategist and architect with over 25 years of experience. Venkat is passionate about innovation and has deep expertise ranging from the mainframe to emerging technology.

Roseann Palmieri, Executive Chair

Roseann is a highly respected advisor, senior executive, entrepreneur and data-management expert in the Financial Technology Industry. Roseann has over 25 year”s experience in successfully leveraging information to drive business growth, shape strategy and improve performance.

Hans Otharsson, Chief Operating Officer

Hans provides leadership and strategic vision to CloudFrame, streamlining operations, managerial and administrative processes to accelerate CloudFrame’s growth. Hans has decades of experience addressing COBOL modernization and legacy risk.

Gregory Saxton, Chief Architect

IT Strategy and Transformation Leader with comprehensive cross-industry global experience spanning Engineering, Enterprise and Solution Architecture. Commercially focused, entrepreneurial and hands-on, skilled at simplifying technology. Successful building consensus and leading adoption, modernization, and continuous improvement at global scale.

Bruce Gallager, Board Member

Bruce is a Business advisor for early stage information technology software and infrastructure companies. Major area of focus is Big Data technology that includes large and low latency transaction & data integration, data management- unstructured & structured data, and complex analytics.He is an Angel Investor and advisor as a Member of New York Angels.

Balaji Swaminathan, Chief Scientist

Balaji comes to CloudFrame with decades of mainframe experience and entrepreneurial innovation. Whether fixing problems, generating new ideas or creating solutions, the customer always benefits.

Andy Brown, Advisor

Andy Brown is a seasoned enterprise technology executive with over 30 years of hands-on experience running large organizations in Banking, Telecoms, Oil and Pharma. Andy has served as a member of our board of directors since October 2015.

Pedro Becquer, VP of Sales

Pedro is an outstanding sales leader with decades of experience introducing Mainframe Modernization and Digital Transformation solutions to help customers achieve their business and technical objectives.

Brad Medd, Board Member

As Chief Technology Officer at SE2, Brad leads SE2’s technology innovation, product, and delivery transformation and partners on SE2’s go-to-market strategies. Brad has extensive experience across innovation, platform evolution, and product development and has held leadership positions over the last 25 years in the financial, healthcare, and technology industries.