Cloud Ready

CloudFrame converts legacy COBOL to Cloud-ready Java for immediate mainframe cost savings

Hybrid Cloud

CloudFrame enables data on mainframe while running Java workloads in Docker containers anywhere

Cloud First

CloudFrame enables direct to Cloud Migration for application code as Java and data in legacy formats

Leading the Way to Successful Mainframe Modernization and Cost Savings

CloudFrame was designed for technology innovators who are tasked with migrating business logic trapped in decades-old mainframe COBOL programs. Unlike alternative solutions, CloudFrame converts your COBOL to modular Java using an open-source framework allowing Java developers to carry the business logic forward and easily maintain. CloudFrame has no platform dependencies allowing these Java workloads to run on any platform while not requiring changes to legacy data, Batch schedulers, CICS triggers or DB2 Stored Procedures. CloudFrame removes significant business risk and time from every modernization project allowing companies to embrace modernization in a manageable, progressive way that increases the frequency of tangible business deliverables at lower risk. With CloudFrame, companies can modernize their mainframes with a positive return on Investment (ROI). 

Modernize Mainframe Applications Without the Risk

CloudFrame generates Java Bytecode ensuring total transparency, preserving the effects of Runtime/Compiler options.

Data is the key asset. CloudFrame allows in-place data access avoiding risks associated with data gravity & migration.

CloudFrame requires no process or scheduler changes eliminating operational risks.

CloudFrame generated programs are automatically Microservices enabled. Allows Docker image publication.

CloudFrame is portable to any JVM. No platform specific dependency. Manage CloudFrame on zOS in traditional manner or via tools such as Kubernetes.

CloudFrame enables transparent conversion of legacy workload to dispatch on JVM that is eligible to run on specialty engines, providing significant cost savings.

Supported Workloads

CloudFrame enables COBOL-DB2-VSAM batch jobs to run as Java workload. Enables granular modernization where legacy and rearchitected apps run together.

CloudFrame provides transparent DRDA server capability enabling COBOL DB2 Stored procedures to run as Java programs. No driver or calling application changes required.

CloudFrame converts COBOL-DB2-CICS Programs to Java, enabling them to run on any JVM.

CloudFrame facilitates transition from legacy COBOL to Rearchitected Java application, promoting Java best practices while leveraging legacy investments.