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Our products are proven to help you automate the
modernization of your COBOL applications without the
risk, lengthy projects, or inaccurate results you expect.

  • Reduce or avoid mainframe cost
  • Mitigate risk (workforce and business disruptions)
  • Achieve Results in Months, not Years
  • Eliminate big bang projects
Remove your COBOL Modernization
Risks, Costs, and Roadblocks

Reduce COBOL Cost

By Shifting Your COBOL Compute

Save millions with CloudFrame and approved IBM capabilities

Cross-compile COBOL into executable Java

Transform COBOL into Cloud-Native Java

Turn COBOL applications into cloud-native

Establish a proven process with predictable
and consistent results

Move intellectual property trapped in
COBOL to cloud applications

With CloudFrame you can “self-fund”
and determine the tempo of your
modernization spend.

Self-Fund Your

By reducing your mainframe cost, you can
invest the money saved into additional
application modernization initiatives.

Your Pace

An incremental approach allows
you to set the schedule and pace
and eliminates the all-or-nothing

Your Cost

Configurable code generation
ensures high quality of the
transformed Java code and
services, and reduces the need for
external resources.

Your Risk

With CloudFrame, you can prove
functional equivalency and remove
long and out-of-control testing and approval cycles.

The ability to utilize mainframe data sources and existing
processes helps to mitigate risk and accelerates
modernization outcomes.

What Customers Have to Say

The CloudFrame COBOL application modernization products allow us to configure and iterate our COBOL transformations.

The control the CloudFrame modernization process provides reduces the amount of time and cost that are necessary to rewrite or tweak the Java applications we deliver.

The result is superior code quality, lower cost, and faster projects, all with no vendor lock-in. — CTO, Global System Integrator

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COBOL Modernization Myth Busting: Maintainable Java

The drive to get COBOL applications into the cloud, and specifically Java, created a monster: JOBOL. It is the evil offspring of COBOL and Java when no planning, optimization, and design is applied to transformation.  JOBOL is the byproduct of speed at all cost, check-the-cloud-box initiatives. But when modernization efforts deliver JOBOL to application teams, with its inheritance of complicated mainframe COBOL structure and bloated code base, problems arise. Development teams are reluctant to own …

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