Together, we are empowering our customers with automated, incremental and cost-effective pathways to transform their vital applications into fully supportable, cloud-native Java environments.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to helping organizations embark on their cloud transformation journey while minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency. We are excited about the endless possibilities this collaboration brings and look forward to delivering unparalleled value to our customers.

– Deric Lubin, Chief Technologist, Platform Modernization at EPAM.

Financial Services Firm envisions a COBOL-less future by collaborating with CloudFrame and EPAM as a partner


A Financial Services (FS) Firm wanted to reduce mainframe COBOL application costs without disrupting operations. CloudFrame facilitated a collaboration between the financial services firm and EPAM as a partner. This project involved conducting a comprehensive comparison between CloudFrame’s automated transformation software and the “modernization” solutions provided by well-established vendors in the field.

Customer Challenges

A major challenge confronting this prominent FS firm was the conventional set of problems associated with COBOL-oriented systems. This encompassed escalating expenses, a dearth of skilled talent, and the incapacity to foster innovation within their mainframe environment. In response to these challenges, the firm leaned toward green-field application development as the sole viable option. This is where CloudFrame and EPAM step in


EPAM conducted a comprehensive comparison between CloudFrame’s automated transformation software and established vendors’ existing “modernization” solutions. This assessment informed a minimal-risk tool-assisted application migration initiative for the client. The process involved thorough reviews of converted code. EPAM also developed a migration roadmap, migration approach, future state architecture, and provided transparent cloud-based pricing, ensuring a seamless and successful transition of the client’s COBOL codebase to 12-factor cloud-native readable maintainable Java.

The Results

CloudFrame’s Renovate solution did not just meet the customer’s requirements but also generated Java code that matched the functionality of their COBOL systems. Their team of Java developers found this Java code to be easily maintainable. As a result, the customer is now planning to expedite their COBOL migration efforts, thanks to the consistent and predictable results achieved through this solution. Additionally, they can benefit from reduced initial investments and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The transformed code was validated to meet the firm’s requirements in several critical areas, including:


        • Basic Code & Design
        • Solid Design Principles
        • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts
        • REST Design Principles and Best Practices
        • Twelve-Factor Methodology
        • Code Quality


This achievement signifies that the code not only fulfilled the essential functional criteria but also adhered to best practices, industry standards, and quality benchmarks across various aspects of software development and design