Moving Mainframe Workload – 4 Use Cases That Deliver Big Results Now Available on YouTube

Moving mainframe COBOL workloads makes a lot of sense. Not only do you have the potential for significant cost savings, but you can also take advantage of cloud scalability, provide relief for mainframe capacity issues, and free up budget dollars.

Join CloudFrame CEO and founder, Venkat Pillay as he describes CloudFrame’s solutions to move mainframe COBOL workloads, why the cloud is the preferred solution target environment, and four (4) mainframe workload use cases;

1. Last-step processing,
2. Cloud Burst,
3. Batch, and
4. Hybrid Environments

Watch this 45-minute webinar to learn

• CloudFrame solutions and approaches for moving mainframe workloads,
• Why moving mainframe workloads to the cloud offers the most benefits,
• Use case examples that may exist in your organization,
• How to uncover and calculate the benefits of moving mainframe COBOL workloads.


Download cloudFrame Relocate Product Fact Sheet

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