Greenfield Modernization: The Better Way

The greenfield modernization approach is a tempting option for IT teams, but it’s also one filled with significant risks—as we’ve discussed in previous articles of this series. However, a less risky and more effective approach is available, so let’s unpack it and see how it addresses or avoids many of the problems greenfield faces. A […]

The 7 Elements of a Masterful COBOL Modernization Business Case

Tell an IT leader or a developer that the world runs on COBOL applications, and they will nod their heads knowingly. That’s because the core systems of some of the largest brands and most critical industries still rely heavily on their legacy systems. With 92% of IT leaders reporting in a Vanson Bourne survey that […]

Automated Mainframe Testing Can Accelerate COBOL Modernization

Automated testing will allow you to accelerate and better control mainframe transformation projects, reduce costs, resources, and schedules.

Progressive Legacy Modernization; Chapter 1 Mainframe

Progressive Legacy Modernization; Chapter 1 Mainframe Great article published October 18th by Gregory Saxton on his LinkedIn Blog.

CloudFrame Selected to NYC Fintech Innovation Lab

CloudFrame Selected for the 2019 NYC Fintech Innovation Class Venkat Pillay, CEO & Founder of CloudFrame Introduces CloudFrame for the 2019 NYC Fintech Innovation Lab