Real Experiences Shifting COBOL Compute Workload

Organizations that rely on mainframe COBOL applications for mission-critical internal and customer-facing applications are facing significant challenges. The IT professionals needed to maintain these applications are getting harder to find and more expensive to hire. Additionally, the execution cost of delivering long-standing results is increasing yearly. Historical increases for MLC have been around 5% per […]

Greenfield Modernization: The Better Way

The greenfield modernization approach is a tempting option for IT teams, but it’s also one filled with significant risks—as we’ve discussed in previous articles of this series. However, a less risky and more effective approach is available, so let’s unpack it and see how it addresses or avoids many of the problems greenfield faces. A […]

Strategies for Modernizing the Mainframe Experience

You may have recently read The Benefits and Challenges of Mainframe Application Modernization here in the blog. Careful readers will note that the term I use is “mainframe application modernization” and not “mainframe modernization,” as it is commonly used. You see, the mainframe is a modern computing platform, having been continually updated and modified by […]

Global Bank finds a self-funding approach to Mainframe Modernization with GFT and CloudFrame

A leading Global bank knew it needed to modernize its mainframe as costs increased, but it was also concerned about the impact on its daily activities and business disruptions. Digital transformation leader GFT and COBOL to Java modernization experts CloudFrame worked together to transform two batch jobs and their Cobol programs into a new environment […]

Five Great Use Cases to Gain the Benefit of zIIPs

The IBM zIIP is a dedicated specialty processor designed to operate asynchronously with mainframe general processors. The IIP in zIIP stands for Integrated Information Processor, but that doesn’t really define what the zIIP is or how it can best be used. When you use zIIPs, some percentage of your mainframe workload can be redirected off […]

COBOL to Maintainable Java: Innovations that Expand What’s Possible Now Available on YouTube

Organizations that depend on mission-critical COBOL applications want the business value of the application without the risk, cost, and constraints of COBOL. They want to modernize these applications to leverage the advantages of cloud infrastructure and ease of innovation.  Until now, they had few options for these valuable COBOL applications. • Do nothing and cope […]

The Many Ways Greenfield Application Modernization Can Go Wrong

In our previous post, we covered the most common reasons why an enterprise faced with a COBOL application modernization challenge might choose to start again from scratch with a “greenfield” requirement, design, and build project. We mentioned some of the risks arising from this approach, and in this second part of our series, we’ll take […]

The Benefits and Challenges of Mainframe Application Modernization

Mainframe systems have been the backbone of large businesses and organizations since the advent of the IBM System 360 in 1964. That is a long time for mainframe systems to grow and increase in complexity, making them difficult to maintain over time. As a result, many companies are now considering mainframe application modernization as a […]

Ebook: Shifting COBOL Compute to Reduce Mainframe Cost

COBOL application modernization doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, risky, or involve never-ending projects that miss their goals. But, if your organization is like many others, rising mainframe costs are beginning to force action. If it isn’t already on your cost reduction plans, COBOL application modernization should be. Why? Mainframe costs continue to increase, with […]

Choosing the Right Application for Shifting COBOL Compute Application Modernization

What Applications are Good Shift COBOL Compute Candidates? If your curiosity has been piqued by the benefits of shifting COBOL compute and how it can be accomplished, you may have begun to think about the applications in your inventory and if they would align with this type of modernization effort. Selecting the right applications or […]