COBOL Modernization – 4 Predictions for 2022

CloudFrame’s 2022 COBOL modernization predictions center on modernization advancement, momentum, and success.

Automated Mainframe Testing Can Accelerate COBOL Modernization

Automated testing will allow you to accelerate and better control mainframe transformation projects, reduce costs, resources, and schedules.

AWS Acknowledges There Is a Mainframe Modernization Opportunity

AWS’s emphasis on mainframe modernization services validates CloudFrame’s focus on COBOL to Cloud transformation.


The recording of the Removing The Top 5 COBOL to Cloud Transformation Obstacles webinar is now available on our YouTube Channel. In this CloudFrame webinar, Gregory Saxton identifies COBOL modernization myths that many IT organizations regard as true. I’m sure you’ve heard these… We have to replace the entire system to be successful. Modernization is a considerable expense […]

Why Incremental Modernization Reduces Risk and Increases Success

Understanding incremental modernization and its benefits can reduce risks and increase success. As you modernize, how will you retain the value of your legacy programs?

Removing COBOL to Cloud Obstacles Webinar Recording Available on YouTube

This webinar examines common mainframe COBOL obstacles and how they can be overcome.

Overcome Mainframe COBOL Transformation Cost Obstacles

Mainframe COBOL application modernization projects are often characterized by a single measure: cost.  When infamous projects are reported, they don’t cite the complexity, mission-critical value, or what percentage of an organizations’ financial processing depends on the application.  Often, it’s only the cost. Seven figures pique interest, and an eight figures cost causes further investigation. Failure […]

Reducing Mainframe Compute Cost Webinar Recording Now Available

The recording of the CloudFrame webinar: Reducing Mainframe Compute Cost is now available.

Prevent These 5 Mainframe COBOL Cost Reduction Project Mistakes

Understanding the likely mistakes and how they are prevented can significantly enhance your prospects for a successful mainframe COBOL compute cost reduction or replatforming project. Read about these 5 preventions.

3 Risk Mitigation Strategies for Mainframe COBOL Compute Cost Projects

Three primary risks and their mitigation strategies to inform your COBOL application cost reduction project(s).

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