The Perceived Rewards and Real Risk of Greenfield Application Modernization

“Let’s just start fresh.”  In the arena of COBOL application modernization, these words have been uttered many times over the years by technologists, business executives, and even board directors. While the phrase does have great power to lift the spirits (at least for a while) of everyone involved in a big, complex project, at CloudFrame […]

Understanding COBOL Cross-Compile

CloudFrame’s Relocate product is used to cross-compile COBOL systems in executable Java bytecode.  When we talk about cross-compile, some may think it’s synonymous with trans-compile. That isn’t the case, as the two concepts are slightly different. This article explains some of the basics. Cross-compile isn’t the same as Trans-Compile.Cross-compiling and trans-compiling are two techniques used […]

The Impact of Staffing and Skills Changes on Modernization Plans

In an earlier post, we discussed changes in the technology landscape that should be understood when evaluating an organization’s modernization plans. Another essential reality of the current IT market must be considered as part of a company’s modernization strategy: staffing and skills. For many organizations, staffing changes are driven by the inevitable march towards the […]

Announcing COBOL Batch-to-Azure for Mainframe to Cloud Modernization

COBOL and mainframe usage remain high and are cornerstones of operations for thousands of businesses, organizations, and government agencies. Still, there is a need to modernize and manage mainframe costs without pulling knowledgeable resources from important work. For those organizations with COBOL applications considering using Microsoft Azure or already using the cloud platform, CloudFrame has […]

The Impact of Tailored Fit Pricing (TFP) on zIIPs

Today’s article in my series on zIIP processors will be a little different because I want to focus on a specific IBM mainframe pricing model and how users of that model may benefit from using zIIPs. The pricing model, Tailored Fit Pricing (TFP), is the latest model introduced by IBM. But what is TFP, and […]

Is the Java Modernization Destination Quality or Maintainability?

Your organization has taken the leap and chosen to modernize your existing COBOL monoliths into Java-based application services, ready for the cloud. Your team plots out a journey toward success. Rather than taking a risky big-bang approach, each incremental release on the road toward modernization is prioritized and scheduled to save costs and capture value […]

A Modernization Dilemma: Cloud Application – or an Application in the Cloud – Now Available on YouTube

We’re moving to the cloud. That simple declaration has launched a thousand modernization projects. Mission-critical mainframe COBOL applications be damned! We’re moving to the cloud. It’s a reaction to peer and societal pressures for some IT leaders. For others, it’s the modern-day “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” cliché. Or it could be just […]

Building A Modernization Pilot Project Success Plan – Now Available on YouTube

Knowing that your COBOL modernization pilot project is successful requires defining success before you start.