Stop the COBOL Brain Drain

Stop the COBOL Brain Drain Before they Reach the Exit Door

I came across an article written in March of 2012 by Robert L. Mitchell, in ComputerWorld called, “Brain drain: Where Cobol systems go from here,” where there is a lengthy discussion dealing with the risk of an aging COBOL workforce and their march towards retirement and the difficulty companies are having dealing with the challenges and costs related to mitigating these risks. The issue is as relevant today as it was nearly eight years ago when the article was written.

As we enter the Roaring ’20s, many companies are still grappling with these challenges and are reaching out to CloudFrame for new ways to mitigate these risks. Since 2016, CloudFrame has been helping companies progressively modernize their COBOL Applications to address the myriad challenges companies face with an aging workforce.

CloudFrame Reduces Knowledge Drain Risks

CloudFrame helps to offset the attrition risk of staff most knowledgeable about these legacy applications.  CloudFrame provides an opportunity to transition legacy COBOL programmers to update their skills to modern Java language helping firms retain the decades of business knowledge acquired over the years by these developers. #JavaOnMainframe

CloudFrame Unlocks the Value in Your Legacy Programs

CloudFrame unlocks the value of decades-old legacy programs, bringing a fresh approach to mainframe modernization that significantly reduces the risk, time and costs of migrating mission-critical business applications. As a result, project success rates are much higher.

To read the Robert L. Mitchell, ComputerWorld article, “Brain drain: Where Cobol systems go from here,” click the link below.

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