Think Progressively about Mainframe Modernization

Think Progressively about Mainframe Modernization

The road to mainframe modernization is paved with many failed and over-budget projects. It’s risky business for any organization. There are many tools on the market that promise modernization but don’t deliver modern code that is a good foundation for future development. These solutions fall short in many areas:

  • Poor code quality (JOBOL: COBOL-like Java)
  • Require changes to underlying data 
  • Require changes to Batch schedulers
  • Require changes to CICS triggers
  • Creates vendor lock-in
  • Just Lift and Shift to new platform
  • Impact to application performance

Although these solutions address different aspects of the modernization strategy, they are inherently complex to execute due to the large number of components within the mainframe that require change. Many unknown roadblocks can be encountered that can scuttle the project or lead to significant delays and cost overruns. These solutions require significant time and expenditures before delivering any business benefit.  A new approach is needed to simplify mainframe application modernization projects, accelerate time-to-market and deliver a real business ROI.

CloudFrame is the only product on the market designed for technology leaders who are tasked with migrating business logic trapped in decades-old mainframe COBOL programs. Unlike other solutions, CloudFrame converts your COBOL to modular Java, allowing developers to carry the business forward and easily maintain. CloudFrame has no platform dependencies allowing these Java workloads to run on any platform while not requiring changes to legacy data, Batch schedulers, CICS triggers or DB2 Stored Procedures. CloudFrame removes significant business risk and time from every modernization project allowing companies to embrace modernization in a manageable, progressive way that increases the frequency of tangible business deliverables at lower risk. With CloudFrame, companies can modernize its mainframes with a positive return on Investment (ROI).  


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