Turn IBM COBOL 4.2 EOS into +ROI

Pursue a Strategic Investment that Drives a Return On Investment

How to turn IBM COBOL 4.2 End of Support Projects into a Positive Return on Investment for Your Business.
As a Business Application Development Manager, upgrading your vendor software to address end of support deadlines is not a pleasant discussion to have with your business users. You are in the hot seat while explaining why their top business priorities are put on hold while your team spends time and money executing an upgrade project with no tangible value to the business.  With the upcoming regulatory and compliance impact of the April 2022 IBM COBOL 4.2 End of Support, CloudFrame can change the dynamic of that discussion to one with a favorable outcome for you and your business.CloudFrame changes the discussion with the introduction of innovative technology that transforms your application and delivers a positive Return on Investment (ROI) to your business. CloudFrame Batch RelocateTM fully automates the cross-compile of your Batch COBOL 4.2 programs to performance optimized Java. Java generated by CloudFrame is backward-compatible to existing data stores and integration points ensuring 100% functional and data precision as its COBOL predecessor.

Java provides the opportunity to save millions of dollars in mainframe costs by shifting mainframe workloads to the lower cost mainframe zIIP processor. Additionally, Batch RelocateTM allows your developers to continue to maintain in COBOL to limit the impact of change. When ready, CloudFrame automation can transition your application completely away from COBOL to a modern Cloud-ready Java application. 

With CloudFrame, you are making a strategic investment rather than no-value upgrade to COBOL 6. A strategic investment to begin your application modernization journey and save your business a lot of money along the way. 

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