COBOL Cross-Compile: Relief for Mainframe Cost Increases – Now Available on YouTube

Mainframe costs continue to increase. 2022 enterprise software costs are expected to be 11% higher than 2021, and data center costs will increase nearly 6% year to year. 

Cost reduction and avoidance are critical considerations for mission-critical mainframe COBOL application owners, stressed to delivery on greater transaction volumes, greater access requirements, demanding SLAs, and tightening budgets.

If your mission-critical mainframe COBOL applications will continue to reside on the mainframe and you are looking for methods to reduce cost, this CloudFrame webinar is for you. 

 This succinct virtual event includes:

  • The basics of COBOL cross-compile.
  • How COBOL cross-compile can lead to substantial compute cost reductions.
  • Which of your applications are candidates for cross-compile?
  • The elements of a successful pilot project plan.
  • Why CloudFrame Relocate is the tool for automated COBOL to java cross-compile.

CloudFrame Relocate is guaranteed to produce functional and data equivalency and utilizes existing mainframe data (especially DB2 and VSAM) and processes to deliver reduced modernization project risk and duration.

 At the end of this 30-minute webinar, you’ll leave with these three key takeaways;

  1. The what and how of COBOL cross-compile,
  2. Your cross-compile candidates,
  3. How the reuse of existing data and processes can lead to incremental modernization progress.

Join CloudFrame CTO Greg Saxton, a veteran of many cross-compile projects, as he leads this event and answers your modernization questions.


Download cloudFrame Relocate Product Fact Sheet

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