Incremental Modernization: The Successful Approach for COBOL Application Modernization Now Available on YouTube

Almost everyone wants to modernize their mainframe COBOL applications, but most see the process as too big, too costly, and too risky. They are rightfully fearful as it’s reported that 77% of organizations have started but failed to complete at least one modernization program. That’s probably the result of big bang projects or inadequate planning and execution.

The antidote for these failed modernization programs is incremental modernization. Incremental modernization reduces risks, accelerates progress, and provides you greater control.

Using this approach, you can start small and build on success.

This virtual event includes:

• The definition of Incremental Modernization
• The benefits of an incremental approach
• The elements of the incremental modernization plan
• How self-directed and self-funded modernization eases risk
• How CloudFrame helps you build, execute, and successfully complete modernization.

At the end of this 30-minute webinar, you’ll leave with these three key takeaways:

1. An understanding of the importance of Incremental Modernization
2. How the incremental modernization approach benefits your organization
3. Three ways CloudFrame can help you achieve modernization success

Join CloudFrame CEO Venkat Pillay, a technology visionary, strategist, and modernization innovator, as he leads this event and answers your modernization questions.

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Written by

David Smith