CloudFrame Announces Hans Otharsson as Chief Operating Officer

Extensive Technology and Industry Experience Strengthens CloudFrame Executive Team

CloudFrame has announced a new Chief Operating Officer: Hans B. Otharsson.  Hans has been a trusted business advisor to numerous global organizations facing modernization needs and brings years of legacy application experience and success to the CloudFrame organization.

CloudFrame CEO, Venkat Pillay, states, “We’re excited to have Hans join us as our Chief Operating Officer. Hans has decades of experience with legacy modernization and worked with Software AG, ModernSystems, OpenLegacy, and many other companies to address COBOL modernization and legacy risk.  Hans will provide leadership and strategic vision to CloudFrame, streamline our operations, managerial and administrative processes and more importantly accelerate CloudFrame’s growth to become the industry leader.”

CloudFrame products allow customers to take control of their mainframe modernization efforts. CloudFrame’s automated, incremental approach to transforming mainframe COBOL applications enables customers to quickly determine their unique journey by selecting all or parts of their existing COBOL applications for transformation. CloudFrame customers determine the application portfolio and control risks, schedules, and costs based on their needs. CloudFrame was founded in 2016, and the first customer went into production in 2018.

“I’m thrilled to be joining CloudFrame as COO,” states Hans Otharsson. “There are organizations who are still using decades-old technology and attempting to balance their rising risk and financial cost. CloudFrame brings a much-needed new approach to solving the problem of mainframe COBOL application modernization.  I’m excited to help the company grow and to see the positive impact our solutions will deliver to our customers.”  

Venkat Pillay added, “Hans will play an important role in creating the future of CloudFrame. We are pleased to be adding Hans’s extensive experience to our team, and we look forward to seeing how his qualities will contribute to our customers’ modernization and overall success.”

About CloudFrame: CloudFrame frees mainframe applications from COBOL, giving customers automated, incremental, low-risk, low-cost ways to transform those applications into fully supportable cloud-native Java. Our products give customers control and the ability to transform mainframe applications quickly, removing vendor dependency completely and fully enabling digital transformation.


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