CloudFrame announces Reducing Mainframe COBOL Costs virtual event.

Event Date/Time: September 15, 2021 – 1 PM Eastern

For decades businesses that depend heavily on mainframe COBOL have attempted to bridge the gap between their mission-critical mainframe COBOL applications and their modern applications and development processes. Why? Because those mainframe applications demand more of their IT budget, are supported by a shrinking population of professionals, and have barriers that prevent them from capitalizing on cloud economics and IT best practices.

Despite the effort to bridge this gap and reduce mainframe dependency, mainframe COBOL usage continues to grow by 8-12% year over year. Mainframe COBOL applications exist in:

  • 92 of the top 100 banks,
  • 18 of the top 25 retailers,
  • 9 out of the top 10 global life and health insurance providers,
  • And are present in over ~8,000 installations globally

If you are responsible for the mission-critical mainframe COBOL applications in your organization, you have in the past developed, or are currently developing, a plan to reduce your mainframe compute cost and business risk. You are analyzing alternatives and developing a business case, weighing the risk of action vs. doing nothing; leaving the mainframe dependency in place. 

If there was a solution that offered: 

  • A reasonable cost and 3X+ ROI,
  • Simple risk mitigation strategies,
  • Production of high-quality outputs, and 
  • The ability to integrate your mainframe applications into cloud DevOps and economics?

Would it be worth a few minutes to hear how that’s possible?

This event discusses CloudFrame Relocate, a solution that delivers those benefits.

During this event we’ll cover:

  1. How to avoid common mainframe compute rehosting mistakes
  2. Best practices for replatforming success
  3. How CloudFrame Relocate achieves speed and cost savings using automation without compromising quality.

CloudFrame gives control of mainframe COBOL application modernization to customers, not vendors. We ensure organizations can produce the same business value in the cloud as they do on the mainframe today, at a lower cost and risk, and position their applications to realize the benefits of the 12-factor application framework, modern DevOps and cloud execution. 

Join us for this event.

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