A Modernization Dilemma: Cloud Application – or an Application in the Cloud – Now Available on YouTube

We’re moving to the cloud.

That simple declaration has launched a thousand modernization projects. Mission-critical mainframe COBOL applications be damned! We’re moving to the cloud.

It’s a reaction to peer and societal pressures for some IT leaders. For others, it’s the modern-day “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” cliché. Or it could be just a career trajectory checkbox.

If moving your mission-critical, intellectual-property-filled, what-pays-the-bills application to the cloud is simply an exercise to list another application under the “cloud deployed” column – you are doing it wrong.

COBOL modernization is chess, not checkers, and it requires strategic and careful thoughts and plans. After all, the goal is to have a cloud application – not an application that runs in the cloud.

There is a stark and significant difference between the two.

In this event, Gregory identifies those differences and discusses the thinking behind transforming COBOL applications into well-architected, high-performing, and sustainable cloud applications.

Key takeaways include:

  • What’s the difference between a cloud application and an application running in the cloud?
  • The problems and costs that arise from making the mistake of just moving to the cloud.
  • What you should do instead and the many benefits.

Watch CloudFrame CTO Gregory Saxton, as he leads this event and answers your modernization questions.


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