Live Transformation: Shifting COBOL Compute to Azure Now Available on YouTube

Mainframe costs continue to rise. Those increases have a tremendous impact on IT and business unit budgets. Not only are IT and business operations asked to do more with less, but adding insult to injury, the less actually may cost more.

As organizations seek opportunities to reduce costs, one important area of potential savings should not be overlooked: COBOL execution on mainframe GPP. If organizations could shift COBOL compute or execution off of the mainframe GPP and onto less expensive platforms, they could potentially save millions of dollars, now and into the future. This is especially true for intense batch processes, jobs that routinely spike mainframe resource usage, pulling rolling averages higher, and making monthly license charges go higher.

CloudFrame wants to demonstrate how an organization can realistically achieve these potential cost savings with a live transformation of mainframe COBOL execution to Azure.

In this 60-minute webinar, CloudFrame walks through the step-by-step process used to perform incremental modernization using our COBOL Batch to Azure offer.

The webinar includes

• Elements of a successful Batch COBOL to Azure transformation project

• The step-by-step process we use to prove CloudFrame products feasibility

• A real-time transformation of COBOL to Azure

• An investigation of transformation success (demonstrating COBOL execution is on Azure and not on the mainframe)


Download cloudFrame Relocate Product Fact Sheet

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