COBOL Modernization Myth Busting: Maintainable Java Now Available on YouTube

The drive to get COBOL applications into the cloud, and specifically Java, created a monster: JOBOL. It is the evil offspring of COBOL and Java when no planning, optimization, and design is applied to transformation.  JOBOL is the byproduct of speed at all cost, check-the-cloud-box initiatives.

But when modernization efforts deliver JOBOL to application teams, with its inheritance of complicated mainframe COBOL structure and bloated code base, problems arise.

Development teams are reluctant to own the new applications.

Mainframe COBOL system knowledge becomes a requirement to maintain the application.

Compromises are sought and tech debt is generated.

But the belief that JOBOL is the product of all COBOL to Java transformations is a myth.

CloudFrame busts this myth. We concentrate on delivering easy-to-understand and maintainable Java code. Using automation-driven transformation we can simplify the COBOL code structure, convert COBOL data complexity to native data formats, and produce code that development teams can immediately accept.

 Watch this event, and you’ll learn:

• Why maintainable code should be the target – not quality code.

• The impact (harm) of delivering JOBOL to your application teams.

• How CloudFrame addresses three primary maintainable code issues.

At the end of this event, you’ll have an understanding of the problem (unmaintainable code) and the elements of transformation that reduce the risk of JOBOL and unmaintainable code. 


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