Building A Modernization Pilot Project Success Plan – Now Available on YouTube

A modernization pilot project demonstrates and proves a technology, approach, or direction. Often those three are intertwined. Knowing that your pilot project is successful requires defining success before you start.

But what should go into your definition of a successful modernization pilot project? Should you only concentrate on the technical requirements or are business requirements more important? And, while tangible measures are always the goal, do intangibles also have a place in your plan? 

In this CloudFrame webinar, we identify the elements of a successful modernization pilot project plan. At the end of this 30-minute webinar, you’ll leave with these three key takeaways:

  • Two major categories of success that must be in your plan
  • Why a balance of present and future elements are required
  • What tangible and intangibles should be in your plan

Join CloudFrame CTO Greg Saxton as he leads this presentation on building the right plan for your 2022 modernization pilot projects.

03 Apr 2019

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