Building A Modernization Pilot Project Success Plan – Now Available on YouTube

Knowing that your COBOL modernization pilot project is successful requires defining success before you start.

A modernization pilot project demonstrates and proves a technology, approach, or direction. Often those three are intertwined. Knowing that your pilot project is successful requires defining success before you start.

But what should go into your definition of a successful modernization pilot project? Should you only concentrate on the technical requirements or are business requirements more important? And, while tangible measures are always the goal, do intangibles also have a place in your plan? 

In this CloudFrame webinar, we identify the elements of a successful modernization pilot project plan. At the end of this 30-minute webinar, you’ll leave with these three key takeaways:

  • Two major categories of success that must be in your plan
  • Why a balance of present and future elements are required
  • What tangible and intangibles should be in your plan

Join CloudFrame CTO Greg Saxton as he leads this presentation on building the right plan for your 2022 modernization pilot projects.


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