Ebook: Shifting COBOL Compute to Reduce Mainframe Cost

COBOL application modernization doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, risky, or involve never-ending projects that miss their goals. But, if your organization is like many others, rising mainframe costs are beginning to force action. If it isn’t already on your cost reduction plans, COBOL application modernization should be.


Mainframe costs continue to increase, with mainframe software licenses rising a remarkable 8 – 15% in 2023.  If you are responsible for COBOL applications, your responses to these rising costs may not look promising. You can only optimize and tune those COBOL systems so much.  But there is an alternative you may not have considered.

Shifting COBOL Compute

Shifting COBOL compute is a straightforward, fast, and very effective modernization approach to reduce the cost of executing COBOL on your mainframe general purpose processor (GPP).  The approach is simple: take the execution of COBOL programs currently running on the mainframe and move that execution (compute) to less expensive platforms.

In this eBook, you will learn

• The basics of shifting COBOL compute and why it makes sense

• The benefits of this modernization approach

• What applications are good candidates for this approach

• How to plan and execute your first shifting compute project

• The critical measures for success for your shift project

• Mistakes you should avoid

Shifting COBOL Compute introduces the COBOL system owners, architects, and mainframe administrators to a powerful weapon in the fight to reduce mainframe costs. This modernization lets you move your COBOL execution off the mainframe and onto less expensive platforms.

Download the eBook to discover how to use this application modernization approach.


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