Ebook: From A to zIIP Now Available for Download

Specialty processors are an IBM enhancement introduced to mainframes in the early 2000s. These processors augment a mainframe’s general processor, allowing organizations to shift specific workloads off the GPU. 

Why do this? While there are many reasons, one rises above all others— cost savings.

In this ebook, noted mainframe authority Craig Mullins reveals what you need to know to leverage the zIIP IBM Specialty Processor for mainframe cost savings.

Download this eBook if you want to learn:

• How to reduce MIPs and MSU usage and realize significant savings

• What workloads are eligible for the zIIP

• Which common mistakes should be avoided when moving to the zIIP

• The best practices when moving workloads to the zIIP

This ebook will give you the knowledge you need to utilize the zIIP to reduce GPP workload and successfully modernize your COBOL applications.

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