Ebook: The COBOL Modernization Opportunity Now Available for Download

Despite being labeled as legacy, mainframes (specifically the COBOL programming language) remain a critical part of the ecosystem for many businesses, organizations, and governmental groups. This staying power, however, is less a herald of the value of COBOL and more about the complicating factors involved in modernizing these stable workhorse applications.

CloudFrame engaged Dale Vecchio to help us describe the current COBOL ecosystem, where we have been on the modernization journey and the promise of the future.

Dale is a veteran of the COBOL modernization world. He had a distinguished career with Gartner and continues to consult and guide companies to successfully complete their modernization journey. 

In this ebook, Dale provides us with his expertise on

• The challenges of COBOL modernization
• The impact of a new demanding generation on modernization
• What is an acceptable risk
• Critical modernization success factors
• What COBOL modernization outcomes are essential
• Why a new modernization approach is necessary

This ebook gets you ready to modernize without the risks and the rewards you should anticipate with an informed and educated approach.

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