Want Proof? How CloudFrame Delivers Proof of Concept Engagements Now Available on YouTube

Organizations invest time and effort into new software products based on business plans and goals. They want to solve a problem, gain an advantage, or reduce risk and cost. One of the first steps on the new software journey is to establish that the product can do what the vendor says the software will do. Organizations want proof.

That’s the purpose of the Proof of Concept (POC) engagement. An example solution scenario is tested in the organization’s environment to prove capabilities, remove doubt and suspicion, and gain confidence and momentum. 

CloudFrame routinely conducts COBOL modernization POC engagements for qualified potential customers and has developed frameworks and processes to ensure these projects are executed with purpose and precision.

CloudFrame Field Technical Sales Director Jorge Morlett guides this discussion on establishing and conducting proof of concept (POC) projects.  Watch this event, and you’ll learn:

• The elements of a successful POC,
• the methods used to deliver POC projects,
• how to evaluate POC success.

You’ll understand the POC engagement and how you can construct and deliver POCs for your organization.

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David Smith