What’s the Cure for COBOL? Now Available on YouTube

Enterprises have long sought the Cure for COBOL, the cure for rising costs, the cure for risks associated with the loss of knowledgeable resources, the rise of technical debt, and loss of understanding the mission-critical business applications and processes.

History provides examples of what not to do:

• ignoring the problem
• thinking Lift and Shift modernization supports innovation
attempting to conform Java to COBOL structures
• using large teams of coders to manually transform applications.

A new approach is necessary if you want to Cure your COBOL problem. 

This virtual event outlines CloudFrame’s definition of the Cure for COBOL. We cover why this approach will help your organization reduce modernization time, cost, and risk.

 At the end of this 30-minute webinar, you’ll leave with these three takeaways:

1. An understanding of how CloudFrame’s Cure for COBOL can help you achieve success
2. The three fundamental elements of The Cure for COBOL
3. The first step to getting started

Join CloudFrame CEO Venkat Pillay, a technology visionary, strategist, and modernization innovator, as he leads this event and answers your modernization questions.


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