From A to zIIP: What you need to know to reduce COBOL Costs with the IBM Specialty Processor Now Available on YouTube

The zIIP, an IBM specialty processor, allows organizations to reduce the workload of their general processors (GPs).  This reduction can lower the MSU metrics used to calculate MLC software charges.  Lower MSU usage can lead to lower MLC charges.

Knowing that zIIPs may reduce your cost and achieve the benefit isn’t as complicated as you might think.  Understanding how to leverage the zIIP for cost reduction is a CloudFrame Modernization Best Practice and can be an important first step in your organization’s modernization journey.

In this 45-minute webinar, CloudFrame and noted Db2 and mainframe authority Craig Mullins reveals what you need to know to leverage the zIIP specialty processor for cost savings.

The webinar covers:

• What is the zIIP?

• How the zIIP can lower cost.

• What is “zIIP eligible,” and why that matters.

• What can run on the zIIP?

• The benefits of running Java on the zIIP.

• Common mistakes and obstacles you might encounter.

• zIIP best practices for COBOL.

• Practical next steps to explore your cost savings.


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