Building a Business Case for Shifting COBOL Compute Now Available on YouTube

Developing a sound business case for your modernization projects is critical to success.

The business case helps you communicate your modernization project’s impact, scope, cost, and lasting benefits. It lets you plan and rationalize the modernization choices you’ll make in the project. Without a strong business case, your project is less likely to succeed.   

Watch this webinar and learn about CloudFrame tools and processes to help you construct a financial business case for shifting COBOL from the mainframe GPP to less expensive environments, including the zIIP specialty processor.

The webinar includes

• Why the business case is critical

• The key elements of a solid business case

• An introduction to the CloudFrame Business Case Calculator

• Baseline information you can use in your business case development

• The CloudFrame products that allow you to move COBOL execution / compute

• How to schedule a Business Case Development session with CloudFrame modernization experts


Download cloudFrame Relocate Product Fact Sheet

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