Measuring the Impact of Shifting COBOL Compute Now Available on YouTube

Shifting COBOL compute to less expensive platforms may be the best first step on the modernization journey.

Identifying and moving the execution of your most expensive COBOL batch jobs provides an opportunity to reduce cost or free up funds in an existing IT budget. This modernization technique offers a low-risk, straightforward, and cost-effective approach that could lead to a reduction in your MSU usage spikes and MLC fees.


If you move your COBOL compute to the zIIP or the cloud, how will you know if you have achieved the desired results? You need to understand the basics of measuring the impact.


This 45-minute webinar focuses on the impact of a shifting COBOL compute and covers these topics:

• Establishing the Success

• Criteria and Expectations

• Executing Baseline and Capturing Measurement Data

• Migrate and Execute the Test

• Analyzing Results and proving the Business Case

CloudFrame’s Relocate product is the basis for this discussion. Relocate cross-compiles COBOL into Java bytecode that can be executed anywhere a JVM runs.


Download cloudFrame Relocate Product Fact Sheet

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